Seaton Social Club

Seaton Social Club is one of the friendliest and most welcoming clubs on the north east coast. Located just a few hundred yards from the popular and picturesque beach in Seaton Carew it’s a great venue for members and guests alike.

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Whats On – this month’s wide range of  entertainment and social events at Seaton Social Club. Superb live music. Fantastic family groups. Brilliant duo’s. Outstanding local showbands. Exciting trio acts. And much, much more.

Coming Soon – view entertainment coming soon to Seaton Social Club. This page helps you to plan your social evenings well ahead.

Private Functions – Seaton Social Club is perfect for private functions. But the popularity of the Club means you need to plan well ahead to avoid entertainment and functions already booked.

Seaton Club Photos – View new and old images of the club and its events. This provides an insight into the history of the club. See what the Club was like before the fire of 2011. View photos of the devastation caused by the fire. See how Seaton Social Club has recovered from this disaster and how attractively the rooms have been refurbished.

News – Start with the devastating fire which threatened Seaton Social Club’s history. Then keep updated on Club information, committee changes, maintenance  reports and more with the Seaton Social Club newsletters.

Club Posts – If you are into “blogging” or just want to comment on the website or Seaton Social Club the posts page is very easy to use, and its a great way for you to have your say.

Seaton Carew – rather than a boring title like “Contact”, we’ve decided to create a page on Seaton Carew so that visitors to the village and the resort can find out more before they come – particularly about Seaton Social Club and how to contact the Club and its officers. The basic information is on the page at the moment. but we’ll be adding lots more soon.